Report: Sex offenders in Guyana schools

GEORGETOWN — The Ministry of Education in Guyana has expressed concern about reports that known sex offenders can be found teaching in schools across the island.

Education Minister Franka Bernardine made the disclosure yesterday, during a leadership workshop for female candidates contesting the upcoming general election.

“From speaking with a former Chief Education Officer he said there is at least one in every school.”

She added that the problem is not only a case of male teachers and female students but there are reports of female teachers violating male students.

“The records will show that both sexes are involved and both male and female students are affected,” she said.

According to the education minister, structures are in place to deal with the situation.

“Once it’s reported to us, once it’s drawn to our attention the matter is dealt with very speedily, we deal with it a matter within ten days”

In commenting on the issue, former education minister Claris Charles said the issue should be of concern to parents.

“Based on this statement, parents will tremble when they send their children to school each day.”

She however, felt that this was “a broad brush to paint the teaching profession.”

In a recent incident, a former primary school male teacher was slapped with a two-year prison sentence on a charge of sexually violating a student. (CMC)

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