Making history

It is hard to get away from it these days, no matter how hard you try. Everywhere you go the talk is about the secret election date. Those who expected to hear it called on January 21, Errol Barrow Day, might have been a bit disappointed but the word is it will be made known soon.

BLP members are biting at the bit trying to tear through the gates when this date is announced, or so it appears from the way they have been asking for it. It is reminding me of two persons about to throw down a serious fist fight; one is more aggressive than the other and ready to rip off his head and the other is calmly waiting to knock him out as he believes he can without causing any big commotion. We normally see the aggressor and fancy talker getting embarrassed and made to swallow his own words, but will this be the case with the BLP.

Asking the PM to bring it on and call elections then to lose will not be the result they expect, but unless they are alike Muhammad Ali and can back up their fancy talk with a win, then they had better simmer down.

At this moment the word on the street is that history has and will be created by the DLP. So far they have been in power for over five years, and if they lose the elections they would only have served one term. Elections are constitutionally due 90 days after the five year period, so no laws are being broken here, but the Opposition will pump it in our heads that time is up for Fruendel.

The first one-term party and the first to go over five years is hovering over their heads right now. Will the PM and his camp be able to sway an already frustrated voting public from letting this happen? I believe the fact that people these days are more caught up with the hearsay and the negative talk and the fact that life is not what it used to be for most of us that they might be swayed to vote against the current Administration.

The reality, in my opinion, is that there is little either party can do with an economy in such shambles due to a worldwide financial drop out. The average Joe has little interest in that excuse. The Opposition has made sure it implanted in our minds that the Government has handled matters the worst way ever. They are doing just what Opposition parties are supposed to do and I must say unlike when the DLP lost back in 2004 and the election before, they are being very active and visual.

As when Sir Lloyd Sandiford, then Prime Minister Erskine Sandiford, made the eight per cent salary cut and became the most unpopular PM ever, PM Stuart could find himself in a similar boat. Personally I believe he has a good chance of retaining power if people vote from the heart and not from their hot heads, and once he can win his own seat too.

That is another case for his constituency to decide, but Noel Lynch is rather confident if not over confident by now that he will be the first to beat two prime ministers.

Another thing that is getting very clear to me these days is the need to attract young voters. Is the DLP doing that these days? When I was a young boy I listened to my household and supported even before I could vote, who they endorsed. I grew up to believe what was made the gospel to me according to political views and it has stayed with me for many years.

These days I don’t think I have managed to even interest my daughter who is able to vote this time. She is in no way interested and could not care if B or D wins or loses. I have never told her who she should vote for but I asked that she exercised her right to do so and do so knowing that her vote could help in deciding what her future looks like for the next five years.

On another hand, I have heard younger children saying they wished they could vote and vote against the ruling party due to the fact that their mommy and daddy are without work because of this Administration. Free bus fares don’t mean a thing to them as they still prefer to catch the ZR van or minibus. When mommy or daddy can’t give them any money or a new phone or outfit because things tight, tight, tight, they know it is because of the Government. At least it is what they are being told.

A friend of mine even agreed, as her nine-year-old daughter is wishing she could vote the DLP out too. The seeds are being planted it appears, but this time not in the favour of Prime Minister Stuart and his party. Who knows, maybe the country will give him a chance to finish what they intended to do, as one term is far from enough to complete their tasks. Hopefully it wouldn’t be a disastrous second term for them.

So now that Fruendel is saying something, never mind laced with the biggest and at times most unfamiliar words in the English Oxford Dictionary, one can only wait for the date to be announced and the gates to be flown when we will see which thoroughbred will be retired to the farm and which will be victorious in the race to Government House and Ilaro Court.

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