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Together after mass canvass.
Together after mass canvass.

For Dr. Denis Lowe, representation is much more than canvassing in preparation for election day.

It is an opportunity for him to interact with his people, to value them more, respond to their needs. In an interview with Barbados TODAY he said this was the reason he continued to served the people of Christ Church East and Barbados.

“When it comes to dedication in the constituency that has been my hallmark. I ran in 2003 but was defeated by Reginald Farley and I promised the people I would be back and I never left. At that time I was in the Senate and was getting paid $900 a month, as you know that is no money. My constituency bills were [much more] a month and I paid my workers out of my own pocket.

“On April 1, 2003 I opened my constituency office and it has never been closed up to today, apart from Saturdays and Sundays,” he said. “I will not allow my work to be defined by me canvassing, by how many rum shops I go to, exclusively to how many people see me walking about the constituency.

“Representation is about delivery, improving the quality of life†of people, getting the fellow off the block with gainful employment. That is what representation is about. We are building a society within this constituency.

“I am not a pretty-boy politician, I see politics not as a job, I see politics as a calling, an honour to serve the people. It is not an issue of starting to canvas for an election. We have always been working in and out of this constituency. I was gravely sick for 18 months and that slowed me down significantly, but the work never stopped – anyone who knows Denis Lowe would know that.”

The former pastor added that his accomplishment in the constituency included getting more young people hired in both the private and public sector than in any other constituency, “creating more recreational parks, six, for the pleasure of children and their parents, repaired and replaced homes,†assistance to people with personal needs, assistance to students going overseas to study”.

Lowe added they started running summer camps “before they became popular”.

“We have the single largest out of season football competition for four years now, we have social programmes, given support for both schools in the constituency, St. Bartholomew’s and St. Christopher [Primary Schools], we generously donated books, stuff for sports, graduation.

“We were the first ever representative for this constituency to sponsor graduating classes at both schools, we took them on field trips to Harrison’s Cave, gave graduation gifts, and trophies. We supported the 4H Club generously, especially in the past year. We were the first to hold a one-day summit for the more than 15 churches in the constituency,” he said. (KC)†

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