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MP James Paul (right) meeting the young ballers.
MP James Paul (right) meeting the young ballers.

Residents who live in the constituency of St. Michael West Central are being encouraged to get more involved in the community.

Noting that the soccerama held on Monday – Errol Barrow Day – involving five master’s teams and eight younger teams, was a success, Parliamentary representative James Paul told Barbados TODAY that he would like to have constituents more involved in activities.

The event was held to honour Ras Seepo, a former national football captain, who celebrated his birthday on January 20 and the father of Independence, Errol Barrow.

“It came off very well and it was well attended. The soccerama was also targeting the youth and we felt that it would assist in developing their skills and unite the experience players with the youth as it would not only show them the skills of the older players but we felt they could learn something from the [masters],” he said.

Paul said that on this occasion there were teams from outside of the constituency but he would like that to change and have more from within the suburban constituency participating in community activities.

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