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Many of us have developed bad habits over the years which contribute to the challenges we face with staying healthy.

An old Chinese proverb says that the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step – that is the approach that I have taken as far as undertaking an exercise programme is concerned.

For years I procrastinated when it came to health and fitness – enquiring about programme after programme, sometimes going as far as signing up and then just plain old “ducking out”.

So the weight piled on, health deteriorated, and finally frustration stepped in causing me to make quick changes in my lifestyle.

Incorporating exercise with everyday chores and activities was my first step. It meant changing those heels to flats for my morning walk to the bus-stop, which once took 15 minutes but now takes six; three sets of legs raises (20 reps each) while I sit to watch the evening news; squatting to take each article of clothing from the laundry basket to hang on the clothesline, side leg raises as I stood at the kitchen sink doing dishes. Secondly, gradually changing my eating habits.

Those little things as simple as they sound took a lot out of me at first but my body quickly adapted, motivating me to do more.

I am a far way off from being fit but you know what, at least I started something and I know you can too; make that step today.

— Sandra

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