Daily Workout Tip

For resistance training, you should choose the number of reps to do per set depending on what your goals are. Generally speaking, 1-5 reps per set target strength and power development, 6-12 reps per set target muscle growth (hypertrophy), and 15-plus reps per set targets muscle endurance.

You can also use the upper rep ranges if you don’t really want to define too much muscle but just firm up slightly. Because each set should be very challenging or even take you to failure, the fewer reps per set you choose, the more weight you will be using.

So if muscle growth is your goal, for example, should you always use 6-12 reps per set? Actually, no. While you should focus mostly on this range, you shouldn’t stick to it exclusively.

Doing some lower rep (heavier) workouts will build your strength, so that you can actually lift more weight when you’re doing your hypertrophy workouts, giving you better results and allowing you to break through plateaus. Doing some higher rep (lighter) workouts will build your muscle endurance, which will also help your hypertrophy. Higher rep workouts all mean you burn more calories!

— The Little League Gym Team

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