Busy in the community

Vasbert Drakes (right) accepts an award from Edmund Hinkson for his contribution to the community.
Vasbert Drakes (right) accepts an award from Edmund Hinkson for his contribution to the community.

Residents of St. James North are being given every avenue to express their sporting and cultural pleasures, while sharing their pleasure and disgust with persons, who hopefully will be in a position to make a change shortly.

With Prime Minister Freundel Stuart expected to call general elections any day now, St. James North candidate for the Barbados Labour Party, Edmund Hinkson has been as busy as a bee in the community.

With his workers by his side and his clipboard in his hand, Hinkson, an attorney at law, has completed his house to house canvass of the constituency that is now represented by retiring party colleague Rawle Eastmond, but in which he is being challenged by Government senator, Harry Husbands, for the Democratic Labour Party.

“I have been to every house in the constituency and sought to make contact with those constituents who would not have been at home when I visited. We feel that our campaign is positions where it should be in order to win the seat for the labour party by a comfortable margin whenever Stuart calls the election. I have been living in the northern part of St. James for the last 18 years and have been strongly associated with the St. James North constituents culturally, socially and within their churches and schools and community organisations over that period of time,” he said.

“I feel that I have done the background work to allow us to retain what has been traditionally a secure labour party seat. We have the sense on the ground that the people of Barbados in their collective wisdom are just longing for the opportunity to change what has been the most disastrous political administration in our post independence history,” Hinkson said.

He said he stands ready with his fellow candidates to lead “our fellow citizens to a better Barbados over the next five year period.” (RRM)

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