A hard woman to beat

Ade Dottin was very interested in what St. Thomas MP, Cynthia Forde, had to say.
Ade Dottin was very interested in what St. Thomas MP, Cynthia Forde, had to say.

Cynthia belongs to us! She is our girl! She was our teacher at primary school!

These were some of the sentiments expressed earlier today when a team from Barbados TODAY caught up with St. Thomas MP, Cyntia Forde, as she met with residents of Hopewell, St. Thomas.

One constituent was overheard saying: “No one can beat her in St. Thomas. They would have to cheat her out of the seat. She is too nice and well known in the constituency. She taught us at primary school.”

After delivering a letter to one of her constituents, she was given a warm welcome by the proprietress of the Togetherness Variety and Bar, Pamelita St. Mart-Holloway, her husband, Carlos Holloway, and customers who were relaxing and enjoying some refreshments.

During a discussion with the patrons of the bar, Forde said she had met recently with a high powered team from the Barbados Water Authority in an attempt to have potable water supplied to the residents of Rock Hall and Fire Hill, St. Thomas at a reduced cost.

Forde noted that in some cases residents of the two districts were forced to buy as many as 15 lengths of pipe to access potable water.

And after being told that some residents in Hopewell were sent water bills as high as $600, without disclosing the name of the constituent, Forde said she had in her possession a water bill which had risen from just over $100 to $600. She gave the patrons of the bar the assurance that she would have the bill investigated.

Forde was informed that garbage trucks from the Sanitation Service Authority had collected garbage in Hopewell only once for the new year so far. Constituents told Forde that when they sought an explanation from SSA workers they were told that there was a shortage of garbage trucks at the headquarters in Wildey, St. Michael.

One irate constituent said he took his garbage to work and disposed of it in the company’s skip.

When asked how her campaigning was progressing, the Forde said: “I have been canvassing the constituency since 2009.”†††

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