Tobacco warning

Donville Inniss
Donville Inniss

Minister of Health Donville Inniss has sent a stern warning to cigarette manufacturers.

He made it clear today they will not be allowed to gain route in Barbados again. Inniss was speaking at the launch of the new salt messages campaign by the Ministry of Health and the Non-Communicable Diseases Committee at Super Centre JB’s in Sargeant’s Village, Christ Church.

Speaking from a Transport Board bus parked in the supermarket’s car park, he said that streaming of†cigarette advertisements back into the local media was a†worrying concern and the “Ministry of Health is not sitting idle by” as this happens

“I’ve seen in recent times a supposedly local cigarette manufacturer advertising their product in [the] local media. I haven’t seen this for a long time and I am a little concern,” said Inniss.

“We are still a democracy where free enterprise can exist but I really hope our partners in the media can heed the word and help us in this battle. It is unhealthy, we may create a few jobs and some foreign exchange but if we at the end of the day allow them to take root we are going to spend a hell of a lot more on treating individuals who consume their product.”

Assistant Vice President of Marketing and Product Development at the Insurance Corporation of Barbados Limited, Wanda Mayers, noted that it was “extremely difficult” to say how much was paid out in claims annually as a result of people who engaged in unhealthy practices. However, she noted that a “substantial part of the claims” an estimated† 60 per cent to 70 per cent of all the claims were related to non-communicable diseases. (KC)

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