Residents protest pending ambulance move

KINGSTON – Residents of north central Clarendon last night padlocked the gate of the Chapelton Hospital to protest what is believed to be a decision to transfer the facility’s only ambulance to another hospital.

While no official word came from the hospital, sources say that the ambulance will be given to the Percy Junor Hospital in Spalding, northwest Clarendon. A minivan will replace the ambulance at Chapelton.

Residents are however adamant that they will not allow the ambulance to leave, insisting that it is better served in their community. The police who were called last night were unsuccessful in getting residents to pull the hospital gate.

“This is an unfortunate situation,” said Florette Stewart, councillor for the Chapelton Division.

“The hospital was given its own ambulance because of an emergency and it has been serving the community well, so it’s rather surprising to learn that it will be given to the Percy Junor Hospital,” the councillor added.

“This facility deserves the entire north Clarendon including parts of northwest so it’s really disrespectful for them to want to take it away, we are not going to sit by and let that happen because right now we need more than one.”

It is unclear when the transfer was supposed to take place but residents say that they were told the ambulance would be taken in the night.

“If it comes to the test we will sleep out here because we nah mek it lef,” a female resident said.

News came later in the night that the decision to remove the ambulance had been overturned, but residents remained on the premises up to 10 o’clock insisting that they wanted to hear an official announcement. (Observer)

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