People hang Jack

Residents beating an effigy of Ashworth Jack.
Residents beating an effigy of Ashworth Jack.

SCARBOROUGH — An effigy of Tobago Organisation of the People political leader Ashworth Jack which was hung high in his former electoral district of Mason Hall/Moriah/Providence was soundly beaten yesterday.

A wake will be held every night and a funeral is carded for Saturday. While Jack has said he would decide his political future in a matter of hours, it was clear yesterday that the people who once loved him and kept him as their representative for 16 years have no desire to see him around.

The TOP led by Jack suffered a massive defeat at the Tobago House of Assembly election on Monday with the People’s National Movement sweeping all 12 electoral seats – including Jack’s and the three others formerly held by the TOP.

The Express visited Mason Hall yesterday where just opposite the TOP’s office the effigy of Jack was hung. Some of the men in the area took long pieces of sticks and beat the wooden figure of Jack as they shouted for him to get out of the area.

Mark Reynalds, who claimed to be Jack’s cousin, said Jack lost his seat because he lost touch with the people.

He said his woodworking shop, which is located just opposite the TOP’s office (where the effigy was hung) was burnt and Jack never offered any help.

“For 16 years he never do anything. He have nothing to show for his time, not even a wall to say this is Ashworth Jack wall. All he does is drive up and down in his big van and he can’t even explain he house,” said Reynalds.

A group of men and women all sat in front of a shop and discussed the licking that the TOP got from the PNM. They were all vocal against Jack but did not want to give their names.

“He was voted out because he feel he too big. He wasn’t even chief secretary and he moving around with five and six security. Look at Orville London, he goes to church, he goes in the market and he doh move with no security,” said one of the men who was beating the effigy.

“Tobagonians are not fools. I want Ashworth Jack to know that money cyah fool we, if he did take the millions he spent in the campaign and do something for the people of Mason Hall then he might have kept his seat,” said a man.

Another man alleged that during the campaign T-shirts wrapped with money were given to voters and also cell phones.

“They take it and still vote them out,” laughed the man. (Express)

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