Night of music and prose

Cynthia Wilson
Cynthia Wilson

It is being described as a night that combines the “sultry smooth feeling of acoustic sound and live music with the ebb and flow of poetic prose against the literary backdrop of many a title and theme from some of your favorite authors”.

Citrus Book and Poetry Night’s coordinator Erica Hinkson said that the monthly show was organised by the Book Source and Caribbean Publishers Link and Limegrove Bar.

“Some people like reading or writing novels, others like reading and/or writing poetry and still others like listening to and/or making music. Though there aren’t many who have done these things all at once until now. Caribbean Publisher’s Link and Limegrove Lifestyle Centre have combined forces and creative gumption to bring Citrus Book and Poetry Night. Not only do we intend to satisfy your cravings for the literary and creative, we also intend to satisfy your hunger for great cuisine as well,” she said.

Eric Jerome Dickey is the featured author for February. He will be interviewed by the event hosts, Sunrokk and Rhy Minister. In addition, Hinkson said he will be reading extracts from some of his novels and signing books for his fans.

Patrons are invited to come and join in the fun for a chance to win one of five books entitled Decadence his latest novel which is set to be released April.

Some of the authors who have performed and showed off their work are Alvin Cummins, Ryan Holford, Omar Gill, Omar Kennedy, Rivenis Black, Cynthia Wilson, Ralph Thorne. Barbara Chase, Colleen Williams, Alan Lynch and Matthew Clarke and Mark McWatt.

Additionally, at the February 4 event, live band The Kollective, which features lead singer Wesu will be performing. Along with the band, a selection of performers varying from singers, poets, spoken word and open mic artists will keep the crowd entertained. (DS)

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