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Debbie Reifer
Debbie Reifer

What is more special than combining photography with music?

Presenting that combination to a loved one as a Valentine Day’s present – this is musician Debbie Reifer’s aim. She has embarked on a new competition in which, from January 10 fans on her Facebook page were invited to submit a photograph of themselves with a loved one.

Friends are encouraged to vote on the photo which they believed best captured the concept of love. The winner will receive a free love song written by Reifer and customised especially for them and their loved ones. The competition closes on February 9.

Reifer told Barbados TODAY that she decided to mesh the two because while she loved music and her fans loved her music as well, she realised not all of her fans were heavily into music.

“I thought it would be a good present and a lot of the photos coming in are not professional but they are still able to capture the concept,” Reifer, who described herself as “just somebody’s daughter, sister, friend who loved music, to sing and to create” said.

The former Harrisonian only began her journey in music a little more than a year ago when she decided to resign from her career in the US Department of Defence to pursue it. She described her decision as “scary” but assured that it was in no way an impulsive one.

“I am quite ordinary with a more than average love for music!” she said.

“I thought about it for a long time. I had a career path perfect for me, one which society would be proud of. It was just an issue of me staying five or six years doing something I was okay with … or five or six years doing something I really love. I had to make a decision that would satisfy me. I love it [whether] I have a big fat pay cheque or living hand to mouth,” she asserted.

After returning to Barbados she has performed at Honey Jam in November 2012, Honey Jazz in January this year, written music for the local movie Chrissy, her song, I Did It, was sung by Johari Taitt and produced by Tobey Armay.

Writing is her first love but she acknowledges that performing, though there was “a love-hate relationship”, was something she had to get accustomed to if she wants to succeed at her dreams. (KC)

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