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Donna Sealy
Donna Sealy

As I was preparing for this week’s edition of Bajan Vibes, I had to pause. There was so much happening that I was spoilt for choice.

Jazz, St. John Carnival, the opening of an art exhibition, the ecumenical service at the gymnasium, more jazz. Gosh there was so much to do.

Jazz lovers must have been in music heaven over the last five days when the Naniki Caribbean Safari got going.

I often spend hours on Facebook looking for stories, yes stories, that I think would be an interesting read for you.

Or for some talented person who could inspire someone through sharing his/her story with you or better yet unearthing a talent who was just waiting for the chance to say “Watch out Barbados, I’m here!”.

One of the things that caught my attention was how many music festivals there are in the region. There’s something to suit everyone’s tastes, some are popular and some are not well known but they all have their own audiences.

I know it might sound silly to some of you and some of you might be dismissive, that’s okay but just to let you know, “I aint just come town” but I’ve just opened my eyes to what has been there all along – the endless possibilities for Bajan musicians.

One of the stories that caught my attention was the huge amount of money the Trinidad government was pouring into carnival and the financial backing governments give to the other festivals to promote and stage the events.

I’m still of the view that Barbados is lagging in so many ways where this is concerned but it’s not too late.

This country doesn’t have to be the entertainment capital of the region, but there’s enough talent here for something other than Crop-Over, Holder’s Season and the Reggae Festival to happen.

Who knows, my voice might be like all the others – just a cry in the wilderness. At least the call grew a little louder. Do something. Act now, give the musicians a chance to shine and earn a living doing what they love. This weekend my favourite comedy show opens at the Ann Johnson Theatre. Check me there laughing my head off as I de-stress.

Feel free to drop me a line about Bajan Vibes if you want to share a story, comment or ask a question.

Until the next edition.

* Donna


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