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BLP candidate Trevor Prescod mingles with constituents.
BLP candidate Trevor Prescod mingles with constituents.

Barbados Labour Party candidate for St. Michael East, Trevor Prescod, has expressed grave concern that the level of unemployment among the youth in Licorish Village, St. Michael, could be as high as 20 per cent.

Prescod voiced this concern during an interview with Barbados TODAY. The former Minister of Social Transformation further noted that during the run-up to the 2008 general elections, the young people in Licorish Village were very hostile to him and the BLP.

He however stressed that during his canvassing this week, the constituents were very responsive to him and his party. In addition to the high level of unemployment among the youth, Prescod identified an inadequate supply of potable water and sanitary issues such as overflowing wells as persistent major problems confronting Licorish Village residents.

Prescod noted that there has been a noticeable decline in the cultural and sporting activities across the constituency.

He said: “Today [last Monday] is Errol Barrow’s Day but there is no activity on Blenheim Pasture or St. Giles Primary School’s playing field. This was unheard of at an earlier period.”

Prescod complained that one woman he met during his canvassing had complained that she could not access the funds Government had allocated for the support of children who were not being supported by delinquent fathers.

Addressing the issue of the timing of the general elections, Prescod argued that if conditions were favourable to Prime Minister Freundel Stuart he would have called it on Errol Barrow Day. The former St. Michael East MP saw the delay in the calling of the general elections as a breach of a social contract between the Government and the people.

Noting that so far he had covered half of the 7,900 constituents in St. Michael East, Prescod said: “I have never experienced such a favourable response from the constituents of St. Michael East. In 2008, the constituents were more hostile to me and the BLP.”†(NC)

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