Beauty of love

As we approach the month designated for love, it is plain to see how fast time is flying by. As soon as you lay your head down at night your alarm tells you that it is time to get up.

It is so amazing that we just celebrated Christmas, ushered in a New Year and celebrated Errol Barrow Day in the blink of an eye.

I can never truly understand why we have a month designated for love. Love should be shown one to another everyday of the year. In saying that, I still can remember when I was younger and always anxiously awaited what my boyfriend would buy me for Valentine’s Day so that I could show off with my friends.

I believe that love, and being in love, is a beautiful thing but some of us take love and those we love for granted. Have you never heard the saying; you never miss the water ’til the well runs dry? Most of us at one time or the other had a relationship that today we wished if we could go back in time and maybe change what happened. I’ve always heard the saying, “never live in the past”, and always try to remember that persons come into our lives for a reason, season or a lifetime.

Why do we cling on to the past and refuse to let go? I understand that you may love someone with all of your heart, but if it is not to be why push it? Do we refuse to let go because we see them with someone else or because we don’t see ourselves with someone else?

Sometimes the pain we feel may be unbearable but everything takes times. For a while you may feel like crying or that your world will come to an end but always remember that time heals all wounds. In a matter of months you may be very surprised that you don’t feel as hurt as you used to be.

There is a general feeling that women are able to bear emotional pain better than men. Is that saying true? I sometimes believe it. I have found that when a man truly loves a woman and he ends up truly hurt it takes him a longer time to get over it than a woman does.

We as women are more receptive to the idea of loving again than men are. Some may say that I am being bias but I have proven it time and again. I actually call these men I encounter wounded birds. We all know that when a bird is wounded it takes time to heal and more time to fly.

We all have been in love and probably are still in love, and I recommend that we take one day at a time. Cherish each moment you share with your significant other. Always remember that life and love are what you make them! Have a wonderful week ahead.

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