Attack on salt

Message in the shelter
Message in the shelter

The Ministry of Health and the Non-Communicable Diseases Commission are intensifying their campaign on salt reduction.

In conjunction with the Insurance Corporation of Barbados Limited, they launched another campaign to promote the need for increased consumption of fruit and vegetables among Barbadians.

The new campaign is a series of messages which will be placed on about 15 public service vehicles as well as on bus shelters across the island and efforts were being made to place them on the side of Transport Board buses as well.

This afternoon the first advertisements were revealed to the press in the carpark of Super Centre JB’s in Sargeants Village, Christ Church. Minister of Health Donville Inniss, who was present for the unveiling, commended the commission for “stepping out of the box and doing things differently”.

He said he believed that just as that creativity had served well in initiatives such as the barber shop project, he was optimistic this would as well bear fruit.

“The Ministry of Health and the NCD commission decided to take the message to the people who matter most. We are not leaving any stone unturned…†The reality about it is if you spend money running ads on radio and television I’m not so sure the message is going to be as well implanted in one’s mind as if you place the ads in a place where most Barbadians use — in a place where most Barbadians sit for half an hour, 45 minutes as they commute to and from work or two and from school.

“For years we would travel on the bus and see ads for unhealthy drinks, sexual enhancement products and cigarettes and I am happy that the NCD Commission has taken the approach that they will go right next to the enemy … and place their ads either along side them or in a more prominent position so we get the message across,” he said as he spoke from one of the buses where the message could be found.

“So we are very grateful for our partners in the public transportation system for allowing us to place our ads on the vehicles and also the state for allowing us to place the ads at the bus shelters around the island. I also wish to commend the Insurance Corporation Barbados Limited for being such a good corporate partner with the ministry and the NCD Commission on this particular issue.

“I keep saying the state can’t do it alone, when agencies or corporate entities like ICBL and others step up to the plate they must be publicly commended for their partnership — likewise Super Centre Limited.

“As I said, … we can’t keep spending hundreds of millions of dollars every year on the curative aspects of health care when in truth and in fact many of our illnesses are preventable. So the Ministry has made that paradigm shift towards the preventative aspect of the health care which includes having a very enlightened population that understands the challenges, understands the consequences of their failure to act appropriately.

“No number of new institutions in themselves will solve our health challenges. We always encourage Barbadians to act more responsibly and to take responsibility for their own situation,” said Inniss. (KC)†

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  1. freeagent January 24, 2013 at 8:37 am

    I am happy to see that something is being done about the amount of salt that is placed in our food, especially the snacks that are fed to our children.
    Thank you all.


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