Protection before pleasure

Workers filling our questionnaires.
Workers filling our questionnaires.

Last Friday scores of workers from the St. Thomas and St. Andrew areas received some condom-sense advice.

On the occasion, workers from the Ministry of Labour and Social Security hopped onto a Transport Board bus and travelled to various businesses, starting at Cane Garden, St. Thomas and finishing at Greenland in St. Andrew. It was their annual AIDS Awareness Bus Tour.

The exercise was aimed at better informing workers how to protect themselves and their loved ones against HIV and AIDS as well as other sexually transmitted infections, stigma, discrimination and prevention practices.

Project coordinator, Rhonda Boucher, described the day as success. She told Barbados TODAY that many businesses were very receptive to the initiative and welcomed them to educate their workers. About 200 of the close to 400 workers reached, completed questionnaires that assessed their level of awareness.

Boucher said that while†the results of the surveys were not in as yet, her experience suggested that though there was a “high degree of knowledge among some sectors they were still little pockets of persons” who they need to reached.

There were demonstrations of the proper use of both female and male condoms and at some locations presenters engaged in attention grabbing dramatisations.

The Ministry of Labour has an HIV/AIDS Programme that facilitates workshops aimed at the continued development of policies and outreach initiatives that respond to issues affecting the work place. (KC)††

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