No room for ‘Republican’ ideals

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart
Prime Minister Freundel Stuart

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart believes that his Government is engaged in a fight against local republicanism in the form of the opposition Barbados Labour Party. Stuart made this observation yesterday while speaking at a rally at Fitt’s Village, St. James to commemorate the birthday of national hero, the Right Excellent Errol Barrow.

The St. Michael South MP noted that yesterday not only marked the anniversary of Barrow’s birth, but it was also the day on which President Barrack Obama’s inauguration took place and the day on which Americans celebrated the birthday of civil rights leader, the late Dr. Martin Luther King.

Stuart pointed out that the three leaders “set their faces against oppression and fought for the marginalised and the socially disadvantaged”. The Prime Minister noted that republicans subscribe to the view that government should be minimal, restricted to the maintenance of law and order and the collection of garbage.

He further stated that republicanism subscribed to the view that everything should be secondary to the accumulation of profits, and recalled that a few weeks ago Obama fought against republicanism in the American presidential elections.

He said: “Obama resisted that idea and won. We in Barbados have some local republicans in Barbados who are pushing the same argument which says that the fortunes of people should be in private hands. They want to privatise the Transport Board, but I do not know of any commuter who has a BMW or a Toyota car parked at home while they catch a Transport Board bus.

“In 2013, the privatisation of the Transport Board is a repudiation of all the battles fought by the late Barrow. Privatisation is not the answer to all problems.”

The Prime Minister argued that a majority of the crowd present had benefited from state participation in the economy, and maintained that the BLP was made up of some of the most politically backward people in Barbados.

“The DLP will fight the republicans in Barbados. The DLP will prevail as President Obama did in the US. The DLP will fight them and protect the people of Barbados. Do not allow your faith to falter. There is no need for your confidence to be undermined,” Stuart argued.

Referring to what he described as the verbal attack that was launched on late Prime Minister David Thompson, Stuart said: “The BLP has no sense of decorum. They showed no sympathy for the late Prime Minister’s three daughters and wife. The BLP will go into political oblivion after the next general election. You will be hearing from me shortly. The funeral directors will be lining up the hearses to take the BLP into political oblivion.”(NC)

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