Lack of support for female entrepreneurs

One female entrepreneur is hoping to see greater participation of women in entrepreneurship.

However, she contends that much difficulty lies within the lack of support for women in this area.

Trustee, Kimtara Clarke of Girlfriends Foundation, the charitable arm of the weekend-exhibition Girlfriends Expo, expressed that women in Barbados had excelled in most areas but lacked a large share of the entrepreneurship field.

She said: “I think to some level there is still a bit of a glass ceiling but I think over the last few years we have definitely seen more openness towards women as the rise of women in Barbados. We do have a number of female CEOs in the country in very important organisations.

“We have also seen the rise of women in politics, not that they have not been there but they have not been as visible or have been in top positions within the political sphere as before. I think that we are getting there but I still think that there needs to be a bit of work to be done.”

“In terms of where it needs to be worked on a bit more is in entrepreneurship, with women getting the necessary assistance; I mean, funding is really a problem for anyone out there, irrespective of gender but I think that those are the areas we need to have more of an open mind so to say. The women I encounter are very creative and their products are fantastic but getting those goods out there, the backing and the support is where they fall down,” she said.

The foundation head noted that the charity had a focus on women because, “we wanted to make sure that women got on the level that they needed to get to and that is why our entire push is about women and building strong women who can in turn build strong families.”

“Everything we do speaks to empowerment of women — that is first and foremost for us. Making sure that we spread a positive message throughout and we do this in part with our workshops,” she added.

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