Going the extra mile

It is with admiration that I felt the need to write and say how some members of the hospitality industry here in Barbados are really “getting it” in regard to going the extra mile and doing the best they can to woo the consumer.

Some are complaining business is bad – they’re the people in the food industry who have put up the prices, reduced the quality and quantity and think they’re going to get us to enjoy and return to their establishment. Not!

Then there is someone like Max Benz at his newly opened Chez Max Restaurant who absolutely over-delivered when we had our first dining experience there a few weeks. We received more than we expected – lovely little complimentary hors d’oeuvres, well-priced wine and very well priced food. Fine dining at its best and far exceeded our expectations. Now that should be a lesson to all – go that extra mile and you’ll succeed. We’ll go back with pleasure.

And as for the complainers, the bad attitude that “times are tough”, “sorry the prices on the menu are wrong – your item is actually $5 more, you’ll be empty and you’ll deserve it.

Consumer dollars need to be courted and not taken for granted!

— Maureen Tracey

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