DLP taking Christian approach

Denis Lowe and Denis Kellman.
Denis Lowe and Denis Kellman.

The ruling Democratic Labour Party will be taking “the Christian approach” in its upcoming re-election campaign. Warning that the Opposition Barbados Party would be coming with an adversarial stance, St. Lucy MP Denis Kellman also urged DLP supporters to obey the directives of the Royal Barbados Police Force.

He was speaking today in Parliament during debate on a more than half million supplementary for payments, including salaries and allowances within departments under the Attorney General’s responsibility.

“They are not going to lie down and play dead and don’t expect them to behave like school boys because if I am to watch what I am seeing on the social media we will be fools to believe that they are going to be coming like lambs,” Kellman said of the BLP.

“I am saying today as one of the senior members of the this political party, ‘We will not get involved in that behavior!’. We will take the Christian approach in this election and we will allow Barbadians to understand who are the opposite.”

The Minister of Industry, Small Business and Rural Development also urged his party’s supporters not to break the law or disrespect the police.

“I believe that as we move into the election period I want to say and I want to tell all of my supporters and the supporters of the Democratic Labour Party that during this election … we must respect the police and the rule of law,” he said.

“Don’t mind others who want you to believe … that you don’t have to, we are calling on our supporters to understand that it is the police…, they have been given the charge to run the laws of the country on a day to day basis and we will respect them.

“And that is why we are here today empowering them to ensure that they also have the necessary resources required to carry out their jobs and we will not frustrate them,” he added. (SC)

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