Time to take a stance

Ronald Jones, our Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, must know that transfers should be done in the light of trying to achieve, as far as it is possible, a state of optimal utilisation of the resources which one has at one’s disposal.

He has claimed as much. Yet do the recent mass transfers of teachers to and from the Alexandra School really do this?

From what I am hearing regarding the necessity of now hiring new teachers to teach the subjects the transferred teachers are not trained and/or not qualified to teach, I am led to seriously doubt that this was the rationale. Again, I urge the media to take a stronger and more meaningful investigative approach to this very serious issue.

It certainly appears to me that the thinking behind the recent mass transfers to and from the Alexandra School is somewhat clouded, to say the least. What has really caused this cloud is what the media must investigate with more vigour.

This cloud seems like an extremely ominous one that bodes no good for our education system and its teachers and students, specifically, and our Public Service and society, as a whole.

Please, media houses, undertake a more pro-active investigatory reporting stance on this issue. Your public deserves no less.

— Maria Skinner

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