Parents in agony

Parents Cheryl and Cecil King.

by Latoya Burnham

Tucked into the folds of a dark leather wallet, Cecil King carries a ping pong image of his 15-year-old daughter Kelly.

It’s a tool now, one he’s been using to help find his daughter who has been missing since Monday.

Pausing briefly from his all-day search through Christ Church today, Cecil and his wife, Cheryl, waited for Barbados TODAY in Breedy Land at the home of their pastor for the interview they hope would lead to more information on the whereabouts of Kelly.

From here it would be back on the trail tonight, checking into every possible tip in hopes that their daughter is still safe.

The Christians honestly admit that this is not the first time Kelly has left home, what creases King’s face and causes her mother consternation — this is the longest period where there has been no real sightings of the teenager.

Kelly King

“Family members have been looking as well,” Cecil said, as his wife added that they had visited her school, Princess Margaret Secondary to speak to the principal, friends and anyone else who might be able to shed light on their situation.

It is clear that King is the strong leader of this family, but the expression on his face tells the story of a man who is trying to hold himself in check. He admitted sleep has been difficult, near to nonexistent for the past four days since Kelly did not return home.

He said on Monday at 6:45 a.m. was the last time he or his wife saw their daughter, and this evening police issued yet another alert asking for any information leading to the safe return of Kelly.

The bulletin said she had last been seen in Oistins around 7 p.m., wearing a short black jeans skirt, white and purple T-shirt and a pair of black slippers with a flower to the top.

“The public is reminded that Kelly King is a minor and it is a violation of the law to harbour a minor,” the police alert said.

Kelly is 5′ 2″ tall, of slim build, dark complexion and has a round head. She has small ears, a small nose and a small mouth with thin lips. She is small breasted, and speaks with a soft voice. She has a Guyanese accent and carries herself in a pleasant manner. Kelly wore a ponytail hairstyle.

Her parents said it has been hard on them, not knowing what was happening.

“She’s never been missing this long,” Cheryl said, even as Cecil added: “We are concerned. We don’t know if she is safe, if she is still alive, all these things we are thinking and don’t know for sure. We are really, really worried.”

Today Cecil, a joiner, travelled from their #1, Prospect, St. James home to Maxwell and Silver Sands in search of some sight of Kelly and at almost 6:30 p.m., there was still no success. But King’s phone keeps ringing ever so often with a tip here and there that he hurries to check out. “We’ve been getting a call here and there, going at the school to check things out, the children she would have been with, you know. We are getting bits and pieces and trying to put things together to try to locate her,” he added.

The prayers have been frequent and fervent for Kelly’s safe return, with elders and members of their church also joining in. Tonight the family said they would hit the road again because each minute counts and every tip must be checked out. In short, the Kings just want their Kelly home.

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