Blind boasting

I am a regular Barbados Today reader and I must admit I look forward to reading this column every week as I like the advice that you give.

There is a woman in my office whose child is writing the Common Entrance Exam this year. She’s become a royal pain as she is always boasting about what he can do, how much marks he got and how he will become a surgeon when he finishes medical school at 20.

However, her boast is an idle one as we know the child and know that he performs below average. What we don’t understand is why she doesn’t listen to his teacher and allow him to get extra lessons.

In fact she doesn’t listen to anybody.

The teacher has offered to help but the mother refuses saying that her son is not stupid, that he comes first and he will be going to Harrison College.

We in the office know it is too late now but when he goes to secondary school he will still need help.

The child told her that he wants to go to lessons but she refused. Even his father tried to help him and she pulled him out of the extra lessons that he paid for.

What can we do?

— Concerned Co-worker

Since Yuh Asked, CC, this is not a matter that you are going to solve. Not by a long shot. Certainly, my view is that criticising the mother will not help; while perhaps endearing yourself to her, or the child, might produce significant results.

I would suggest that if there are others in the office with children in the same age bracket then you all use every opportunity you can to get the children together. If they become friends, then completing school work together would not be unusual and you may get the mother to understand there is nothing wrong with a little help.

In the meanwhile, just accept that there are all kinds of peculiar people in the world and we have to accept them for what they are, even when their conduct is not necessarily the wisest.

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