Bim not in a bubble

First of all, I would like to congratulate Barbados today for it’s politically unbiased reports, unlike the other newspaper – please keep up the good work. With regards to the article titled Cost sensitive, I ask myself if my Bajan people really understand what’s going on in the outside world. More and more I believe that Barbadians believe that Barbados is in a bubble by itself. What ever happens economically internationally will trickle down to the Caribbean.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to deduce this. Read, research, go on the Internet. How can Barbadians realistically expect whichever incoming political party to fix the high cost of living and unemployment just so?

Unemployment rates in the other English-speaking islands except Trinidad are higher than Barbados’. Unfortunately I was never one of the people polled by CADRES.

Spain’s credit ratings has been downgraded by two notches to BBB- from BBB+; one notch above junk status.

In October 2012 S & P downgraded South Africa’s credit rating from BBB+ to BBB. France, Austria, Italy and other European countries have been downgraded. Malta’s credit rating has been downgraded to BBB+; Cyprus downgraded to CCC+; the UK’s AAA credit rating was put on a negative outlook – and the list goes on.

Closer to home, The Bahamas was downgraded, Grenada downgraded in late 2012 from B-/b to CCC+/C. Yet I have not seen these news items plastered on the front pages of the print media houses like when Barbados received it’s downgrade. You may find a small insignificantly placed article somewhere further down in the paper.

Yes, I understand your concern is Barbados but you also need to educate the masses better on what’s going on in the outside world, for as I mentioned before, Barbados doesn’t exist in a bubble by itself. You need to compare yourself to other economies in order to get an idea of how good or bad a situation you are in.

Barbadians complain that the cost of living is too high – it’s a struggle. Yet they are still taking trips overseas, still buying and using the expensive smart phones like Android, iPhone, Samsung, top of the line Nokia; they still buy tablets like iPads, Samsung Galaxy tab, iPad mini, etc; they are still able to go to the supermarket and purchase goods even if certain products they have to delete from shopping list to make ends meet; they’re still buying clothes, shoes, new vehicles and attending shows.

Now tell me, if you were really struggling you could still afford these things like before? Is it that we are a nation of chronic complainers or we just don’t prioritise?

Barbadians, don’t let any political party fool you that if they return to power life will be better. It won’t be, as this worldwide economic recession is expected to continue further. The same S&P and Moodys stated that in relation to Barbados, regardless of who gets it power, the economic situation will still continue for the next couple of years. Yet, there are people out there trying to fool the masses that they can make things better.

I have relatives in St. Lucia and like us here in Barbados they were expecting great things with the change of the political party, but unfortunately things didn’t get better. As one of my relatives put it – “things worse, St. Lucians crying, the government struggling”.

I guess St. Lucians were in a utopia world thinking that St. Lucia was in a bubble by itself, like us Bajans and they got a rude awakening. Do you want a rude awakening? Educate yourself and use your common sense – simple.

— Nicola Day

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