US warning over crime in The Bahamas

NASSAU — The United States Embassy in Nassau has warned Americans living in and travelLing to New Providence to be aware of recent reports of an increase in reported armed robberies.

The embassy sent out an email on Monday and cited a recent warning from the Royal Bahamas Police Force concerning the increase urging the public to be “aware of their surroundings and remain alert to avoid being a victim of crime”.

“In light of this, and a corollary increase in robberies against US citizens in 2012, the US Embassy advises US citizens living in or visiting Nassau to remain cautious and vigilant with regard to their personal safety and security,” read the statement.

“Armed robbery continues to be the primary criminal threat facing US citizens in The Bahamas.”

The statement also cited police statistics that cases of armed robberies in 2012 were 1,099 compared to 998 in 2011.

“Shootings, sexual assaults and rapes also continue to occur in Nassau,” the warning noted.

The January 9 press release from police warned that officers had noticed a trend of increased armed robberies early in the year.

“In each incident, a weapon has been used and police are concerned that someone can be seriously injured,” read the statement.

“Police are appealing to members of the public to be aware of their surroundings and always on the alert.

“Additionally, members of the public are encouraged to report suspicious people, activities and vehicles.” (Nassau Guardian)

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