Open fire

Gun shots rang through the Ivy in St. Michael this morning leaving residents scampering for a place to protect themselves. Here a wounded Junior Clarke being escorted into an awaiting ambulance to be taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Children running for cover.

This was the scene around 10:45 this morning in Seventh Avenue, The Ivy in St. Michael, when gunmen robbed and shot 37-year-old Junior Clarke, of Work Hall, St. Philip.

When the Barbados TODAY team arrived about 15 minutes later students of the Springer Memorial School were still practising on the neighbouring Blenheim Playing field and residents, some with babies in arms, were visibly shocked but boisterous about the danger the children were placed in.

With Clarke stretched out on the ground with a one gunshot would to his upper back, some residents were heard voicing their disgust.

One woman described the episode as “foolishness”, further stating that there were babies in the area and the “people who do these things don’t belong to the area; all them doing is making the Ivy look bad”.

“Every time you hear the Ivy doing them crap. You know them had children out here always have to run from this type of thing and you does know that Springer children does be out here and them does come shooting out there and all sort of nonsense. It is total foolishness. At night you does be in you bed lying down and you hear pax, pax, pax,” she said.

Another said that when she heard the shots her heart began to flutter and she had to take aspirin and blood pressure medicine.

“All these children was out here. A man shoot a man there and I tek off, I run harder than that…†I run cross there and nearly tek of my toe nails,” a man added.

Police Sergeant Hallam Bailey told Barbados TODAY that Clarke was in the area to get the tyres of his vehicle repaired when two armed men attacked and robbed him of two chains and pendants.

Some residents said they believed the gunmen entered Seventh Avenue from the adjacent Eight Avenue and hid behind a bunch of banana trees next to the workshop before they committed the crime. Some speculated that because of how the incident unfolded, it was a “set up”. Bailey said investigations were now at a preliminary stage. (KC)†††

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