NCC all about the environment

Valerie Watts receiving her prize from Manager, Keith Neblett.

The National Conservation Commission is playing its part to protect the environment, and Barbadians are encouraged to do the same.

Speaking at the presentation for the grand prize winners of the Christmas competition this morning at NCC headquarters at Codrington House in St. Michael, General Manager Keith Neblett said this would be their primary goal for 2013. He said that last year they made the efforts of conserving electricity and water paramount among all workers and this year they would promote this initiative among the general public.

“[We will develop] some type of information booklet that we can offer the public some of the basic, simple things that are very cost effective in terms of conservation,” he said.

“Our primary goal last year was to try to use the term conservation and try to develop a lot of our plans around that. Those who were here for Arbor Day would recognise that we did launch our solar project. . . Hopefully, this coming year, we will be working with the Ministry of Energy where I think 11 of our sites will be identified to put photovoltaic systems.

“In times when we are having things tight in the economy we are doing our part, reducing the amount of water, reducing electricity and we are hoping that we can deal with some of those elements that go on on the beaches from day to day. You go and see people just went in the water, get a little salt on their skin and spend about 15 minutes with water running at full volume — that is unacceptable.

“This day when Barbados is one of the water scarce countries in the world those are things that we certainly will try to [discourage]. We need to conserve our water, that is why you see some of our banners reflect that. We are going to try to get this information around the facilities so that when people go to have their bath, certainly you have to recognise†this is a cost. This is something that is unbearable,” he said.

Chairman Tyrone Lowe also reiterated Neblett’s call, stating that he was pleased with the organisation’s endeavours. He said the NCC was serious about enriching the lives of all Barbadians and it should give the country the impetuous to appreciate the value of nature.

Today Valerie Walkes, a shopper at the NCC’s nursery for more than 20 years, and Irving Burrowes won free landscape makeovers worth $1,000 in the Christmas competition. (KC)††

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