Lashley: Rally around the DLP

Outgoing MP Hamilton Lashley.

Outgoing St. Michael South East MP, Hamilton Lashley, wants the Democratic Labour to work its hardest to retain the seat he has held since1994.

Speaking last night during the constituency office opening of his successor as the DLP’s cadidate, first-timer Patrick Tannis, Lashley urged his constituents not to abandon the DLP.

“Do not abandon or desert this great ship the SS DLP. As David Rudder would say in his song, let us all rally and rally around the Democratic Labour Party,” he urged the audience at Marsden Road, the Pine.

“As you go to the polls you have one choice really and that is to return this great party back to the seat of government whenever the Prime Minister choses to call this election.” Lashley, who represented both the DLP and Barbados Labour Party in the House of Assembly and was briefly an independent, said the party had “a good team” in the constituency and all involved “are going to fight the fight”.

“I am asking all of you to rally around this great party of the DLP… We have a lot of work to do. We have to go into every gap, every area of St. Michael South East to convince those persons that we must vote for our candidate Mr. Patrick Tannis,” he said. Lashley was also confident that the DLP would be re-elected to govern Barbados.

“My word to you is that whenever the election bell is called that the people in St. Michael South East, … all of them wake up early on that morning and go directly to the polls and vote for the DLP candidate Mr. Patrick Tannis,” he said.

“Don’t mind them [the BLP] and the nonsense that this is a one-term Government. You think Barbadians are that foolish… It may be that they may never ever be returned to Government, that they may never see the reins of Government again.

“These men that I sit with in the DLP are totally committed to ensuring that every single Barbadian gets their just due. Imagine if there were no economic difficulties, imagine if the DLP was in power at a time when the BLP had that prosperity and had all the money at their disposal. The country would be set on such a path that all of you would have benefitted significantly,” he added. (SC)

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