Jobs high on Tannis’ agenda

Patrick Tannis

Finding jobs for the people he is seeking to represent in the House of Assembly will be the first major priority for Democratic Labour Party’s St. Michael South East candidate Patrick Tannis.

As early as today, the first-time candidate said last night, unemployed residents of The Pine and others in the constituency could visit his new constituency office at Marsden Road to get help finding employment.

Speaking at the official opening of that office, Tannis said he was aware that “one of the major challenges of this area is the need for employment for the young people”.

“We need to find employment. One of the things this administration has done to start the ball rolling … is that this administration has taken time to create the incentives to not only create jobs to employ,” he said.

“I have every confidence in the young people, the resilience I see, the hope I see in the eyes that tell me ‘I want a job’, but when you go we are not just going to give you a job, yes we are going to start with giving people jobs, but we are also going to try to urge you to create an enterprise because we believe in you.

“You can do it, you can make a success of your life and become greater than you could ever have imagined if you work along with us because we are the Government that believes in you, that wants to invest in you and that wants to take you from idea to enterprise — that’s what we want to do.”

Tannis said while his goal was to help empower his constituents to become self employed it was important they have a source of income before any such effort materialised.

In the short term we know that you need jobs, so … right here on Marsden Road we are going to be taking your information, … job number one is to try and find jobs for you. So if there are ways that we can match you to the employment market we want to do that,” he stated.

“Give us the opportunity, we are going to have forms in this building, we are going to be on hand, on site, to take information from you and to see if we can find a place to work with in the private sector, the public sector.

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