In for the ‘kill’

David Gill on the campaign trail.

Former parliamentary representative for St. Michael South Central, David Gill, thinks that his personal swing this time around, in addition to that of the Barbados Labour Party, point in the direction of success for him at the polls.

Gill made this observation earlier today during an interview with Barbados TODAY.

He explained that he was unsuccessful in the 2008 general elections because the national swing against the BLP was too large and his personal swing was not significant enough “to push him over the hill”.

Gill said the response to him throughout the constituency has been very encouraging although his constituency is multi-ethnic and multi-cultural. The former St. Michael South Central MP argued that based on “the feeling on the ground” he will be successful on this occasion.

Gill, who recently completed a law degree from the University of Wolverhampton in England, said he pursued this discipline because he acknowledged that in his canvassing constituents often raised personal legal matters with which they had to deal.

These include complaints about the abandonment of many programmes begun by the Owen Arthur Administration. Gill identified such programmes as the transfer of titles in urban tenantries and the urban housing renewal programmes.

Pointing to the level abandonment in the constituency, Gill said: “From Clapham in the east of the constituency to the most western areas in Halls Road and Martindales Road, there seems to be an abandonment of the environment. Drains remain clogged with debris, there is bush and stagnant water which have provided fertile breeding grounds for mosquitoes.”

He charged that constituents who previously benefited from the free Barbados Drug Service, which was introduced by the Tom Adams Government were now up in arms over the drastic changes in the delivery of the service.

He pointed out too some constituents were experiencing major challenges in maintaining their accustomed standard of living.

“Some constituents have had to draw down on their savings or cash in insurance policies to make ends meet. Some constituents are finding it a major challenge to pay an electricity bill and a water bill in the same month,” Gill said. (NC)††††††††

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