Hooper denies interest in Bangladesh

Carl Hooper says, ‘not me!’.

Former West Indies captain Carl Hooper†has denied any interest in coaching Bangladesh.

Earlier this week the Bangladesh Cricket Board had spoken†of the former West Indies middle-order batsman as one of the early candidates.

“I was asked if I was interested, said I wasn’t and that was the last I heard of it,” Hooper told The Advertiser.

“I was hoping Bangladesh would retract what they have apparently said that I was ‘interested in the job’. I have not applied and I am not interested. I am happy at Woodville.”

On Monday, BCB media committee chairman Jalal Yunus had said Hooper was one of those interested in taking up the offer after the board had advertised for the position that had been vacated by Richard Pybus in October last year. It is understood that Hooper’s agent had contacted the BCB.

However, Hooper said he would rather be interested in other options, especially because he would always put his family first in these matters. “I know there are a few things that might come up in South Australia or the Caribbean. My kids are settled here so I want to stay here if I can.

“There’s a lot of stuff in the air with SACA [South Australia Cricket Association] and the clubs. I always put my family first. That is why the Bangladesh thing is so far-fetched.”

Hooper is married to an Australian and has been living ‘Down Under’ for several years. (Cricinfo)

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