Hook, line & Sinckler

BLP candidate for St. Michael North West, Gregory Nicholls (right), is assisted by two canvassers in ensuring that the electoral list for the constituency is up to date.

Barbados Labour Party candidate for St. Michael North West, Gregory Nicholls, is putting plans in place for a February 12 general election.

And to ensure he is not caught napping, Nicholls’ canvassing team, comprising 60 persons, starts a mass canvassing programme on Saturday in Ashdeane Village, Black Rock, St. Michael.

Nicholls made these disclosures earlier today during an interview with a team from Barbados TODAY at his newly acquired constituency office on Westbury Road, St. Michael.

The former government senator argued that with Ash Wednesday falling on February 13, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart would hardly want to hold general elections during the Lenten Season in a predominantly Christian society like Barbados.

Nicholls told Barbados TODAY that his 60 canvassers were young people who were all calling for change. He said over the next two weeks he would be joining his canvassers in sensitising the people of the constituency about his party’s plans for them.

Nicholls stated that on January 15 his campaign management team held its first meeting for the new year.

Responding to a query on the response he was receiving in the constituency, Nicholls said: “Response on the ground has been tremendous for me as a first timer. This is the case because the constituency is in the hands of an absentee representative.”

Nicholls said he had not detected any discernible impact of representation in Parliament by the current MP.

He said that during his canvassing, constituents were calling for gainful employment. In addition, Nicholls said tenants of the National Housing Corporation who made down payments were calling for a refund of their money paid, and for the installation of natural gas and an upgrade of sporting facilities in the Black Rock area.

He charged that many constituents were saying that all they got from parliamentary representative for the area, Chris Sinckler, were “promises and more promises”. (NC)†††

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