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There is nothing quite like the feeling of an early morning run or walk; when the air seems fresher, your body and mind seem more alert, and most of all when it seems like most of the world or at least Barbados is still in slumber.

The turn of the year is the perfect time to start.

A new year brings new attitudes, new found strength, new friendships and a fresh start. For several people it is the time to turn the proverbial corner and do the things you have been meaning to, wanting to, and kept putting off.

That’s what this health column is about.

Loving Me is about finding the strength to start anew and meeting friends who, with the same goal in mind can help you achieve that.

For some of us it might be quitting that stressful job, dumping that abusive spouse, putting your finances in order, including saving for a rainy day or starting a retirement savings plan instead of just saying “I will”. It could also be getting rid of those toxic friends who keep tearing you down or laugh instead of giving you a helping hand. It could also be finally joining a service club so you can give back.

Loving Me is about loving yourself unconditionally and finding the strength to do what you must!

In today’s edition, read what 70-year-old Patrick Maxwell has to say about his exercise programme as well as what one doctor has ordered.

Feel free to share your stories and photos with us over the coming months. Let us know if the stories inspire you to do what you have been meaning to so you too can inspire others. By sharing you can win prizes.

Go ahead and make time for you!!

— donna & Latoya

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