Time to be realistic

Writing to a newspaper is not something I’ve done before but I would like to say that I grew up with the Advocate and for the past few years I look forward to coming home from work where I can read your lovely paper. It gives me a great chance to keep abreast of news and sports not only in Barbados, but around the West Indies.

Recently I have been slightly disappointed that not many people have commented on some of the real news in Barbados:

1. The whole Alexandra affair, which was well documented in the papers but it was a real embarrassing situation for Barbados. I’ve always thought [as a Bajan] that our interest was the education of our children and the future of the country.

It is a real shame that some of these people are so self centred and narrow minded. I would be interested the real cost to the Barbados when the money could have ben spent better, considering the current economic situation.

2. The continuing saga between LIME and Sir Roy Trotman. I cannot bring myself to say LIME vs BWU. Since the year began there are three large national companies (Jessops, 190 shops: Toyota, 800 people: Comet, 2,500 people) here in the UK that have called in the administrators and since closed with two days notice. Yet I have not heard about these people or unions requesting a national strike to bring the island to a standstill.

I’m wondering which economic world is Sir Roy living in or is the Barbados economy doing very well. Companies throughout the world have to make cuts to survive until the economic situation improves. I might sound like I’m supporting LIME but action got to be taken to secure the workforce.

I’ve not had a pay rise for the past three years and although the government says we can have a one per cent increase this year, the local government is refusing to negotiate. I’m not a conservative voter, very far from it, but one has got to be realistic.

3. I noticed in your beautiful paper that you constantly repeat that “tourism is our industry let’s play our part”. Well, with all these people being made redundant here does anyone wonder that these could be some of the people who will not be coming to Barbados because of a lack of funds. Thank God that my wife and I still manages to come and spend four to five weeks every year.

I really hope that both parties in the LIME dispute see sense in solving this dispute because I do not believe that because 97 people are made redundant it requires a national strike.

— Michael Moseley, UK

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