Police probe botched web shop robbery

NASSAU — Police are investigating whether a suspended police officer, who was found shot in the face on St. Vincent Road yesterday, was involved in a daytime shootout and botched robbery of an armoured truck outside Island Game web shop at Faith Avenue and Cowpen Road.

Police said they found a mask and ammunition for a high-powered rifle near the officer shortly after four men shot at and tried to rob the armoured truck, which was parked outside the busy plaza where the web shop is located.

The masked men, outfitted with high-powered weapons, and at least one handgun, tried to carry out the heist just after 11 a.m., police said.

Armoured truck guards had just begun to load cash from Island Game into the vehicle when the masked men accosted them, Superintendent Paul Rolle told reporters at the scene.

At some point during the exchange the suspects shot at the armoured truck workers, who then returned fire, Rolle added.

Flee without cash

The culprits then left the area in a silver car, without any cash.

Shortly after the masked men escaped, the suspended police officer was found lying on nearby St. Vincent Road with a gunshot wound to the face, Assistant Commissioner Anthony Ferguson said.

The injured officer was taken to hospital and was in police custody.

Ferguson said while police were investigating how the officer got shot, he could not confirm if the officer was involved in the robbery attempt.

Police had also suspected that the men might have abducted an unidentified woman before they escaped the area, Rolle said, however she is now a suspect in the botched robbery.

“Persons reported hearing a female scream as the vehicle was driving off during the exchange of gunshots and heard a voice of a female inside this vehicle,” Rolle said. (Nassau Guardian)

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