Pipe back in the mix

by Donna Sealy

After a two year hiatus from releasing new music, Simon Pipe is back and blazing the way for 2013 with three new tracks, Stone’s Song, Revolution Beat and Barbwire featuring Damian Marvay.

His 2011 debut single If Only These Walls received “massive big up” in Barbados and Trinidad as well as the wider Caribbean, New York and the UK. Since the release of his first three singles, however, Pipe has refrained from putting out any new music. All that has changed.

He turned the tables for his fans with Revolution Beat, an upbeat dance track. Though the song was written while simply wandering around his back yard behind his studio “Creek”, it has the energy to incite exactly the kind of revolution he wants to see – social justice and equality, a power shift through love.

Humbly, he says: “But what can I really do? I just sing and play guitar.”

Stone’s Song on the other hand, will tug your heartstrings with its focus on fatherhood. Pipe describes the song as “an honest expression of the insecurities that come with trying to be a good, responsible dad”.

He has also released a video compiled from camcorder footage of him and his son – who is, as the song dictates, named Stone.

Finally, Barbwire is the first release from a project he is working on with Damian Marvay – a musically experimental album with no creative boundaries titled Blue that will be released this year.

The singer’s goals for the new year are centred around experiences.

“I just want to share my music and the experience that music affords with as many different people in as many different places as possible. Whether that be through song writing, touring, gigging…,” he said.

Though he has plans to perform at shows throughout the Caribbean, Pipe describes each live show as something he “dreads”.

“Doesn’t matter if it’s 50 people in a little bar or thousands of people in a major venue, I absolutely dread it. But then I go on out and perform, and it’s usually a beautiful experience,” he added.

If you caught his set at recent major shows like Rock The Rock and Shine, you certainly would not be able to tell.

His next big gig is going to be Love, Poetry and Song in February to raise awareness for HIV. Simon describes his music as a pop reggae fusion, and his debut album Ya Probably Shouldn’ta will be in keeping with this vibe.

He’s hoping for a March release for his CD, which he promises will be “a nice mix of fun tunes and honest, heartfelt music”. For new music, info and events, keep in touch with Simon on Facebook. donnasealy@barbadostoday.bb

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