Out of flu shots

HAMILTON — Government has run out of flu vaccines after more than 200 shots were given out last weekend.

A press statement from the Department of health said “well over” 200 doses of seasonal influenza vaccine were administered at the Hamilton Health Centre.

As a result, there are no more vaccines and they will no be available until further notice.

The statement said: “The previously scheduled Wednesday afternoon clinic has been postponed.

“The Department of Health is working with the Pan American Health Organisation to source additional vaccine.

“The department is encouraged by the level of participation in this preventive effort as it represents a well-informed community that acts appropriately and responsibly to protect its health against threats.”

The statement also said the public should be aware that various doctors offices do have limited supplies of the vaccine in stock.

Dr. Cheryl Peek-Ball, Acting Chief Medical Officer at the Department of Health, said: “It is reassuring to note that when the levels of vaccination coverage are sufficiently high in a population, those individuals who cannot be vaccinated for whatever reasons are afforded some protection by those who are vaccinated.

“This is known as ‘herd immunity’ and is thought to be present in a community where the immunisation levels approach 80 per cent or more.” (Bermuda Sun)

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