My dream for Barbados

I’m somewhat surprised that even in 2013 after so many years of development, our reasoning and problem solving has not developed at the same pace.

What a national treasure and historic re-enactment it would be to see people march on Broad Street; however it would disprove John Locke’s theories of human reasoning and rationale because we still ignore the middle ground, all or nothing it seems is the approach to issues of national interest.

I dream of a Barbados contention free, one where our politicians do not prey on our emotions all just for us to “X” away our future, one where we can trust our leadership to remember people come first, and parading is recognised as poor taste and clown tactics rather than politics.

I dream of a Barbados where our expressions or partisan choice does not determine if we work or not, a Barbados where our people are motivated to change their own circumstances and finally some politicians retire to the museum where they belong. I’m happy I could share my dream with you.

— Don Foster

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