Major salary cuts for UK constables

LONDON — The starting salary for police constables is being cut by 4,000 to 19,000, the home secretary has confirmed.

Theresa May has accepted recommendations on reform made by the Police Arbitration Tribunal.

It follows proposals put forward last year in a review for an overhaul of police pay, conditions and allowances.

The Police Federation says it is “disappointed” by the announcement.

Ex-rail regulator Tom Winsor, the review’s author, was appointed last year as the Chief Inspector of Constabulary for England and Wales, the first non-policeman named to the post.

He recommended 1 billion could be cut from police pay.

May has deferred plans to allow forces to make officers redundant to allow for further negotiation.

19,000 starting salary

The starting salary would be 19,000 for recruits with no policing experience but 22,000 for more experienced officers, such as those who have worked as special constables or PCSOs.

He said the proposals also cut the number of pay scales from 10 to 7, meaning officers can reach the higher pay grade of 36,000 more quickly.

Under the PAT proposals police in London get extra payments of 6,615 a year and those in the south east of England up to 2,000 because of higher living costs.

May said: “These reforms build on the changes we implemented [in January last year]. (BBC)

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