Machel in the Lyons den

Super Blue

Reigning soca monarch Machel Montano will find himself defending his crown in the “Lyons den” against master soca artiste Austin Super Blue Lyons and his clan in the Soca Monarch competition this year, according to Super Blue’s manager Stephen Fernandes.

The five-time monarch, Super Blue, who launched his come-back bid on New Year’s Day with his own composition Fantastic Friday will lead the charge against Montano in a line-up that comprises his daughters – three-time soca monarch Faye-Ann Lyons-Alvarez, and Terri Lyons – and his son-in-law, a three-time monarch himself, Ian Bunji Garlin Alvarez.

With this line-up, Fernandes said on Friday in a telephone interview that “Machel will find himself in the Lyons den.”

Asked what prompted Super Blue to return to competition, Fernandes said: “We were having discussions about his come back for a long time now, and we decided to push the envelope this year.”

Was it difficult encouraging Super Blue to return to compete?

Fernandes said: “It has been 13 years since he has been in competition and it has been a big fight for him to come back. We will be taking it easy – one step at a time – to make sure that he is not only successful, but that he fulfills the expectations of the public who is so happy to have him back.”

Though he has not managed Super Blue before, Fernandes, who has been among the founders of the Soca Monarch competition said that he has known Super Blue “for a long time” and knows his “capacity to lift the whole of Trinidad and Tobago” with his compositions and renditions.

“I think with his return, we are going to have a bumper Carnival in all its forms,” he said.

His preparation for this monarchy, he said “has been very good. He has been working very hard”.

Noting that he had finished his first song for the Power Soca competition, Fantastic Friday, a song that celebrates the soca art form and the event itself, he said that Super Blue was now perfecting two other songs to come out before Carnival. One is called Carnival is me and the other, Spank it for the Groovy Soca competition.

In Fantastic Friday, Super Blue, thanks Lord Shorty for bringing the beautiful art form of soca to the nation and he also thanked God for Friday and every soca song that inspires, educates and entertains.

Fantastic Friday was launched on New Year’s Day to coincide with Super Blue’s first winning entry Soca Baptist on a New Year’s Day 13 years ago. Since the latest launch, Fernandes said a lot of people, who stopped going to the Soca Monarch competition have said they will return, even some from abroad.

Master artistes like Super Blue, he said, “have the capacity to lift the country like Keshorn Walcott did when he won for us the Olympic Gold”.

“That is why we have to cherish our legends and make sure we take care of them and the younger ones who are coming up.”

At a scheduled press conference, this week, he said: “Super would talk about his journey back to the monarchy and the way forward.” (Trinidad Newsday)

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