Lohan fires lawyer

Lindsay Lohan pulled a dumb move yesterday, even by her lofty standards. She could have avoided jail time, again, by accepting a plea deal for “lockdown rehab”.

Instead, she fired her longtime lawyer, Shawn Holley, who was literally on the way to the courthouse to make it happen.

Refresher: The Santa Monica City Attorney’s office is prosecuting Lindsay for allegedly lying to cops after her June car crash on Pacific Coast Highway.

They were willing to keep Lindsay out of jail, under the condition that she agree to check into serious, in-patient rehab for at least six months.

No question, that would suck for Lohan … but wouldn’t it be beneficial in the long run? Especially compared to the eight months in jail she could face?

Lindsay Lohan, broke, is coming close to the end of her rope.

After violating probation and with a laundry list of legal problems, it was shaping up to be the lesser of however many evils are staring LiLo in the face.

She also faces additional jail time for a probation violation in the jewellery heist case because she allegedly lied to law enforcement after the crash.

The judge could’ve agreed to end both cases if she went to rehab. (The Hollywood Gossip)

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