Loads of drama

Halfway through the month already and it seems as though each and every day has been more drama than the one before. The year is shaping up to be a dramatic one so far, or at least the month.

With elections to come and Crop-Over to follow I am feeling more drama ahead. First it was the teachers and then it was the severing of LIME staff, now there is the talk of island-wide strike action.

Some people seem to like the sound of this or look forward to being a part of it, but I am not one who favours such action at this point in time. Barbados can’t afford such public protest right now, and surely not in the public services departments. Production is a must no matter how we look at it and any major breaks will be cause for concern.

I am not very clear on the LIME issue so I will not comment too much on it. As for the teachers, I said what I thought already so it is just a matter of waiting to see how things pan out. All the while I am wondering and wanting to be a fly on Prime Minister Stuart’s wall. He can’t be too pleased with all this going on with elections looming.

We are having issue after issue turning up in the PM’s face. CLICO, Al Barrack, the metal dump, and the Jeff Broomes/Alexandra Enquiry plus the others that followed can only be making Stuart scratch his head and ask how many more.

Is anything going to go right for him before elections? The big question is if anything will go right for him after elections. I think that must be the primary thought for him and the party.

I cannot say as I am no teller of fortunes, but it can’t be comforting at all. I always said that we Barbadians will talk and fuss up but never act. The last time we acted in any major way was during the riots in 1937. I am pleased that we never went that way before but if things here continue to get harder and tougher on the home owners and average citizens, only God knows how they might react.

We all saw what happened in what was termed the Arab Spring. Nations over-throwing governments and even killing one leader in the process was all a part of what seemed like a domino effect. I am glad we have not tried to be alike those Arab territories, but never say never.

I know we are supposed to be passive in comparison to others but it will only take one person to act and knowing how some of us can be, we will follow. Just think of some of the fights that happen and how a whole bunch of young men end up all in a brawl. I do pray it never happens.

I have tried to work out how our leaders operate at times and I have been able to work a few things out in the past. With Owen Arthur at the helm we saw the firing of MPs when he saw it fit due to lack of performance. Elizabeth Thompson was sacked, so too along with Rommel Marshall. He showed them who was in charge and demanded results.

With PM Stuart it seems like his ministers are running back to him every time there is an issue. Why has he not found it fit to fire them too? It is a lot like running back to daddy every time the children in the playground refused to play your game or something of the sort. You don’t do as I ask so I telling my daddy kind of thing seem to be happening.

Roll a few heads and then see what the outcome will be with the rest of the ministers. I am not going to try to figure out Stuart’s way or style as I am not too keen to go back to college or do any long courses, as it may take a few terms to figure out his tactics.

Whatever it is though, maybe it is working for him and only he will know how he will manage. Who knows, it may just be the way to do it.

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