Intelligent compromise

I respond to your headline Empire Beer. This is an intelligent compromise. Bridgetown – and this I believe has been espoused widely from all shades of political and social opinion – desperately needs evening activity. The dual attraction in this proposal, not only “shares” the evening attractions between locals and visitors alike, but can be the epicentre for all sorts of similar businesses and attractions.

Why not encourage the Baxter’s Road ladies to shift their coal pots somewhere nearer to Fairchild/Probyn Street? As long as the place is scrupulously cleaned up daily, I cannot think of a nicer place to catch a bit of fried fish and a cold Banks, than at the water-side. Fancy money – head to the west of the bridge; me and my friends hang loose to the east. Then me and my gal will rent a “moses”, and I’ll row, and romance, the lady all the way up to Queen’s Park and back!

Thank God the private sector will be underpinning and managing the project – this at least should ensure it will never again be allowed to fall into dereliction. And a tip of my hat to Minister Stephen Lashley for adding his vote to this bold venture!

— Tony Webster

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