In memory of Sherlock

Sherlock Yarde

The Yarde family is striving to keep the memory and legacy of Sherlock Yarde alive.

Pastor Nigel Yarde said January 16 would have been his brother’s 56th birthday and given his many interests and efforts during his lifetime, the family thought to continue good deeds in his honour.

To this end, January 20 and 21 are being earmarked as the launch of the Sherlock Yard Foundation, which will involve a church service the Sunday and a full day of activities on Errol Barrow Day.

Yarde said they would reveal the full details of the plans on Sherlock’s birthday, but promised that sports, music and even some of his brother’s giving spirit would be toasted during the two days.

“We have received permission from MTW [Ministry of Transport and Works] to close off Dunlow Lane on the Monday and have a series of activities from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m.,” he explained.

The day will include sports, music and other endeavours, said the pastor of Greater Power Community Church.

“In honour of his legacy of giving because Sherlock over the years would have given to a number of persons both here and abroad we are going to have a trust or foundation to do just that,” Yarde said.

Again, the details of that would be forthcoming, he noted, adding that the family would manage the foundation and decide how best to go about helping those he believed his brother would have wanted aided.

He said there were also plans to connect with individuals outside of Barbados so the foundation, once establish would have a wider reach since Sherlock had influence and causes also outside of the island.

“He gave all over to charity, so we are going to respond to those who need help as well, tragedies and such. We are not going to limit ourselves and together as a family we will decide on how it will be operated,” said Yarde.

The planning for the two days of activities was not just in the family, though, the pastor noted that additionally friends of the family and of Sherlock had volunteered their assistance. (LB)

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