Patricia Inniss makes sure that this young elector’s name is on the electoral list for St. Michael North East.

Democratic Labour Party candidate, Patricia Inniss, may be seen as the political David pitting her skills against a political giant, in the person of former Deputy Prime Minister, Mia Mottley, but she is leaving no stone unturned in the St. Michael North East constituency in an effort to unseat the incumbent.

As Barbados goes into election mode, a team from Barbados TODAY caught up with Inniss as she visited several constituents in the riding. In the 2008 general election Inniss was soundly defeated by Mottley who is generally seen as a political colossus on the Barbadian political landscape.

However, during an interview Inniss expressed confidence in her ability to give a good showing this time around or even unseat Mottley.

Like most members of the Democratic Labour Party, Inniss believes that most Barbadians have come to recognise that the Government came to office during turbulent economic times and should be given a second chance to complete the programme, she said.

However, a recent poll commissioned by Barbados TODAY has shown that a majority of the electors in Barbados thinks that there should be a change of Government. In fact, it has been shown that over 50 per cent of the respondents believe that it is time for a general election.†(NC)†

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