Dickey at it again

Eric Dickey signs for Gail Skinner.

Barbados could be featured in yet another Eric Jerome Dickey book.

That’s because the author is here on holiday and says he has been journeying around the island taking down names of streets and places that he says he intends to use in one of his novels.

Now writing book number 21, the beloved author, who said he believed this was his fifth trip to the island, told an audience in the National Library in the City today that the possibility of Barbados being in another book has not been ruled out.

“The next two novels with Nia Simone …, I’m sorry but Barbados isn’t there. Trinidad is there because she’s Trinidadian. I should have made her Bajan, right?

“I’m writing stuff that eventually will show up somewhere. If I’m standing out, like today when I was standing in Six Roads with pen and paper right because I’m just writing what I see, and it’s funny when you’re standing writing, I think people are afraid because they don’t know what you’re doing or who you are.

“So I’m standing, I’m writing down the signs, the gas station, the plaza, the name of the roundabout, the traffic flow,” he said, noting that he does these kinds of observations so when the places he writes about make it into his novels they will feel authentic to those who know the areas.

The island was last featured in his 2009 novel, Pleasure, where the male twins in the book were Barbadian.

The US-born bestselling author, who was addressing fans at the event in celebration of the library’s 165th anniversary, said too: “I’m writing stuff and trying to see even if I can get a scene that starts here and then they go somewhere else or something like that.”

He noted he was well familiar with Oistins on Fridays, and had gone many times during what he suspects are now five trips to the island, but was trying to get to Baxter’s Road to sample the weekend fare there as well.

The author of 20 novels thus far said that he also had been trying to see local popular film Chrissy, but when he got to the cinema realised it was not showing until the night time.

He praised Barbados’ showing of the black film for as long as it has, adding that he wished cinemas in the US did the same.

“I want to see that. I was at Sheraton yesterday to see a movie, but the papers still post the times when the children were out from school. So I got there and was like, ‘Oh this starts at 8 o’clock’ and I was there like 2:30…

“I really want to see it… because it has been playing like for a month or two, Chrissy right? I wish they did like that back in the States. When a black film comes out you have probably two weeks to see it before it’s just gone. The turnover time is just insane, unless you have a movie like Avengers or something like that where they are just making money hand over fist then they extend the run.”

Dickey said he would probably be travelling to neighbouring Trinidad soon to return to Barbados later this month. (LB)

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