Coming clean


If you want to find out all about planned layoffs, Garcia’s freedom, and where in Barbados you can buy land, or where and how the national insurance shares were invested, then make sure you attend Laff-it-Off 2013, titled Come Clean.

Directed by Ian Estwick and Cecily Spencer-Cross, this year’s production opens at 8 p.m. on January 26 and continues on Saturdays and Sundays at the Ann Johnson Auditorium, St. Gabriel’s School.

Estwick, a co-founder of Laff-it-Off, has managed the company and led the production team since inception in 1985 and has produced all but three of Laff-it-Off’s productions over the last 26 years and his counterpart Spencer-Cross, who was appointed a Director of Laff-it-Off Productions Inc. in May 1997, has directed every Laff-it-Off production since then.

The cast comprises the experienced Peta Alleyne, Chrispen Hackett, Toni-Ann Johnson, Ishiaka McNiel and Simon Alleyne.

Alleyne brings with him a wealth of talent, having made his acting debut in Talk Tent ’97. He has performed in Pampalam 2004, Laff it Off 2008, Pampalam 2009 and Derek Walcott’s Pantomime directed by Rob Leyshon.

He was also included in the cast of Blessed, Redemption of Sister Dinah, A Monument for Moses and Sarah: Mother of the Nation and The Betrayal.

These productions were all UWI National Hero plays and were all directed by Harclyde Walcott.

Alleyne also has extensive film experience and some of his credits include The Kiteflyer (directed by Thom Cross), The Shoe Project (directed by Moussa Sene Absa), The Dominion webseries (directed by Rodney Smith), Suspicion (directed by Marc Gibson), Redemption (directed by Sean Michael Field) and Keeping Up with the Joneses which was directed by Rommel Hall.

Also joining the team is keyboardist, Lowrey Worrell.

Lowrey Leon, as he prefers to be called, has filled in for short periods for Laff-it-Off stage productions in the past but this year assumes the role of Musical Director and keyboardist. He has performed at the World Tourism Awards, the Ottawa Blues Festival, Beaches Jazz Festival, the Tobago Gospel Festival, the Barbados Gospel Festival, the Barbados Jazz Festival and The Barbados Music Awards.

“He is currently working on his debut solo album titled I Am Barbados which is scheduled for release in early 2013. He brings a freshness to the show’s musical selections and the producers of Laff-it-Off look forward to working with Lowrey Leon for many years to come,” Estwick said.

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