BSTU will walk

BSTU president Mary Redman

by Donna Sealy

The Barbados Secondary Teachers’ Union is “considering” withdrawing its members from the classroom next week if the authorities fail to meet with them.

It has been more than two week that the trade union has requested a meeting with the chief personnel officer to discuss what they term unprecedented transfers of teachers from the Alexandra School, at the start of this school term.

“We’re hoping that common sense and a willingness to resolve the issue in the interest of the children would prevail and that we can get a meeting that the others have in the same way that the others have,” BSTU President Mary Redman told Barbados TODAY.

Yesterday, about 200 of their members gave them the go ahead to take this course of action following the transfers which saw 36 teachers being shifted from and to the St. Peter school.

In that move, Principals Jeff Broomes and Orson Alleyne were shifted to and from Parkinson Memorial and Deputy Principals, Beverley Neblett-Lashley and June Browne switched places, with the former now at Combermere School and the latter at Alexandra.

The resolution states: “Be it resolved that the BSTU calls upon the government to instruct its appropriate agent, one with authority in law, to meet the Union before 18th January, 2013 with a view to reaching a settlement in respect of the transfer of teachers to and from the Alexandra school.

“Be it further resolved that if this union is not called to such a meeting that it shall feel at liberty to consider withdrawing labour as from Tuesday, 22nd January, 2013 and to take any other form of industrial action to vindicate its position in defence of the rights and interests of its members.”

Redman noted that while the attendance at yesterday’s meeting was good, they did not get the numbers they were expecting and so the executive members would visit those some of those schools tomorrow during lunch.

“We had some people home on sick leave and actually some other persons who’ve recently joined the BSTU, and some of those teaches who have been transferred to Alexandra have joined the BSTU too and they are not pretending, some of them are on sick leave because of the stress of the switch,” the trade unionist said.

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  1. phillo January 16, 2013 at 10:03 pm

    The new word now is STRIKE everyone wants to do it as soon as they can’t have they own way, no one cares about the children or the economy, May is just around the corner and so is CXC. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ALL OF YOU who already have your degrees.:[


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